Keep it simple! There are just 4 easy steps for you to enjoy your new Little Pool. Check out our video or keep scrolling to learn more.

#1 Select Your Pool Shape

Two different pool shapes to choose from – pick your favourite and select a size.

Plunge Pools

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Relax Pools

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#2 Choose Your Pool Colour

Little Pools come in four popular pool shell colours. Choose your favourite Plunge or Relax pool colour below.

#3 Choose Your Exterior Finish

Our standard lightweight free-standing plunge pools come ‘Nude’ with a unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton ready to be placed in their new home.
Nude Little Pool


Our composite exoskeleton is engineered to support a cantilever deck for ease of building around the pool.
Little Pools Mini Orb Cladding Vertical


Mini Orb™ corrugated steel panels create a unique exterior finish. Mini Orb™panels are available in six Colorbond™ colours.
The Little Pool Co External finish for the pool James Hardie cladding


Made of aluminium composite material, aluminium composite panels (ACPs) are flat panels consisting of two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. They are frequently used for external cladding or facades of buildings, insulation, and signage.



Other colours are available as a special order.

#4 Prepare for Delivery

There are a few things to organise before your Little Pool arrives. Have a look at the four important considerations below.

Certification and Fencing

All Councils/local authorities have different rules regarding building projects and pool fencing. It is important that you check with your local authority about your requirements. Your Little pool comes complete with extensive engineering drawings to assist when dealing with Councils or private certifiers. Some regions require independant fencing for above-ground pools.


All Little Pool Co. pools have been designed to fit perfectly on standard-width trucks, which makes them simple and cost-effective to transport. Due to each customer living in a different location, we do not offer freight-inclusive pricing. We are happy to organise freight (at your cost) or you can choose to self-manage this process.

Ground Preparation

Each pool is designed to sit on a basic, level concrete slab. This ensures that the weight of the pool and the exoskeleton are evenly supported, which is an installation requirement. The concrete slab should be a minimum of 110mm thick, poured on plastic sheeting and  reinforced with SL62 mesh. Control joints are not required and there should be no fall on the slab.

Electrical Requirements

You will need to engage a licensed electrical contractor for connection of your pool. The contractor will need to understand Section 6 of the Wiring Rules, and be familiar with equipotential bonding of swimming pools and spa pools as per the Electrical Installations – Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000).

Why Choose Little Pools

Below are just three out of many reasons why you should choose a Little Pool to transform your backyard.
Little Pool Look and Feel

The Look and Feel

You can customise your Little Pool in many aspects. There are various cladding materials available and the fibreglass interior is simply delightful. The pool shell is very strong, it’s resistant to algae building on the walls, you will not need to replace or reline your pool surface. And our pool colours are just stunning.
Little Pool at your site

Little Pool at Your Site

There is minimal site preparation involved in installing your Little Pool. They are also very stable and you won’t be surprised by a sudden movement of your pool. The pool won’t lift as the result of a hydrostatic event nor it will sink as some precast concrete pools might in some circumstances due to them being much heavier.
The Cost Factor of Little Pools

The Cost Factor

Last but not least – the price. Although the price points for our pools and some precast concrete alternatives might seem quite similar, there can be a big difference when it comes to putting the pool into your backyard. Because Little Pools are much lighter, you can save thousands on craning the pool into the position. Another big advantage of Little Pools is that if you are planning to put a deck around your Little Pool, your tradesmen can attach the deck construction directly to the pool, leading to a better result and lower cost.

Interested in a Little Pool?

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