Plunge Pools

Plunge pools have become so popular in New Zealand over the past decade, and not just in cities where blocks are becoming smaller. Consumers are becoming less patient and want their pools delivered and installed faster. Plunge pools from Little Pools are the right solution when you are looking for a pool that is durable, looks fantastic and is easy to install and maintain.

Our Plunge Pool Range

Plunge Pools by Little Pools have been designed by a leading Australian fibreglass pool manufacturer. Our plunge pools are produced in Australia and imported to New Zealand by sea. Our plunge pools are made of unique non-corrosive composite exoskeleton means that unlike many other fibreglass pools, they can be installed fully above ground. Little Pools are lightweight, making their installation much easier.

Plunge Pool Dimensions & Outlines

Our plunge pools come in two sizes:

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Choose Your Plunge Pool Colour

Plunge Pools from Little Pools come in four popular pool shell colours. Choose your favourite plunge pool colour below.

Customise Your Plunge Pool

Put the final touches on your plunge pool to make it perfect for you. Choose from a range of optional upgrades below. Talk to us if you have any questions.
Pool Accessories_External steps to access the pool

External Steps

If your pool is going to be a stand-alone feature in your backyard, you may wish to consider the addition of external steps.
Pool Accessories_Lights Jets Mineral water and more


There’s a whole bunch of upgrades available including multi-coloured LED lights, swim-jets for exercise, heating options and energy efficient pumps.
Pool Customisation_Swimming pool fencing


The decked part of your Little pool will require balustrades to prevent falls. Choose from our powdercoated alloy options, or DIY with your preferred choice including glass.
The Little Pool Co Customisations Pool sanitation systems

Sanitation Systems

Dose your pool water with granular or liquid chlorine manually or add an automatic sanitation system – you can choose from salt, mineral, or hypoallergenic option.

Why Choose Our Plunge Pools

Below are just three out of many reasons why you should choose a plunge pool from Little Pools to transform your backyard.
Little Pool Look and Feel

The Look and Feel

You can customise your Little Pool in many aspects. There are various cladding materials available and the fibreglass interior is simply delightful. The pool shell is very strong, it’s resistant to algae building on the walls, you will not need to replace or reline your pool surface. And our pool colours are just stunning.
Little Pool at your site

Little Pool at Your Site

There is minimal site preparation involved in installing your Little Pool. They are also very stable and you won’t be surprised by a sudden movement of your pool. The pool won’t lift as the result of a hydrostatic event nor it will sink as some precast concrete pools might in some circumstances due to them being much heavier.
The Cost Factor of Little Pools

The Cost Factor

Last but not least – the price. Although the price points for our pools and some precast concrete alternatives might seem quite similar, there can be a big difference when it comes to putting the pool into your backyard. Because Little Pools are much lighter, you can save thousands on craning the pool into the position. Another big advantage of Little Pools is that if you are planning to put a deck around your Little Pool, your tradesmen can attach the deck construction directly to the pool, leading to a better result and lower cost.

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