Pool Advice

Are you thinking of getting yourself a new swimming pool but need more information? In our Pool Advice section, you’ll find many useful tips for future swimming pool owners.
Little Pool Co How to pick a best pool builder

3 Steps to Take in Selecting the Best Pool Builder

Depending on which part of New Zealand you are located, summer may already be on you, or about to make its entrance. And with the heat of summer comes record-breaking temperatures and heatwaves. So, if you are still daydreaming about…

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Solar pool heating

All You Need to Know About Solar Pool Heaters

Swimming is certainly one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises, according to doctors and physical therapists. It is low-impact yet increases stamina, strengthens muscles, and builds cardiovascular fitness. It is also a fantastic form of exercise for everyone – young…

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Little Pools Popularity of plunge pools

The Benefits of Plunge Pools

Recently, plunge pools have become an increasingly popular pool option for New Zealand families. As space in most New Zealand backyards is somewhat limited, many New Zealand families are turning to smaller pools like plunge pools for a solution. If…

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Little Pools Pool Companies How to choose a good pool builder

Pool companies: How to choose a good pool builder

When you make the decision to purchase your own backyard swimming pool, selecting the right pool company to build your pool can be one of the most complicated parts of the process. Yet it is essential to choose a company…

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All about plastic swimming pools

Plastic pools: Are they worth it?

Many of us dream of owning our own swimming pool in the backyard, but pools come with significant price tags. Some homeowners believe that having a pool is beyond their means, but this is not necessarily the case. Plastic swimming…

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Little Pools How much does a pool cost

Pool costs: How much to buy a swimming pool?

A swimming pool is a major investment bringing the enjoyment and enhanced quality of life with it. But how much does it cost to buy a pool? Here we take a look at the different options available to you, the…

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Little Pools Time to install a swimming pool

How long does swimming pool installation take?

Pool installation can take time, and it’s important to plan ahead if you want the process to run as smoothly as possible. So how long does pool construction take? Here we look at all the different elements you need to…

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Little Pools - Pool Landscaping

Pool landscaping: Why it matters and how to get it right

Landscaping will make your pool safer and more functional as well as ensuring it becomes a beautiful design feature. A good pool landscaping design will incorporate factors such as aesthetic appeal, safety, functionality and lifestyle needs. Read our tips on…

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Little Pools Popularity of small pools

The popularity of small pools

There are many small pools available for yards of various shapes and sizes. Here we take a look at the popularity of small pools, and look at the different swimming pool options available for smaller backyards. The type you choose…

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Little Pools Small above ground pools

Small above ground pools: everything you need to know

Increasing numbers of Kiwis are now opting for above-ground pools because of their lower cost and the convenience they offer. With a number of pool manufacturers specialising in smaller above-ground pools, there has never been a better time to invest…

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Little Pools Swim spas vs little pools

Little pools vs swim spas

Swim spas are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand, due to their convenience and the versatility they offer. But what is a swim spa? And what is the difference between a swim spa and our ‘Little Pool’? Here we answer…

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Why Choose Little Pools

Below are just three out of many reasons why you should choose a Little Pool to transform your backyard.
Little Pool Look and Feel

The Look and Feel

You can customise your Little Pool in many aspects. There are various cladding materials available and the fibreglass interior is simply delightful. The pool shell is very strong, it’s resistant to algae building on the walls, you will not need to replace or reline your pool surface. And our pool colours are just stunning.
Little Pool at your site

Little Pool at Your Site

There is minimal site preparation involved in installing your Little Pool. They are also very stable and you won’t be surprised by a sudden movement of your pool. The pool won’t lift as the result of a hydrostatic event nor it will sink as some precast concrete pools might in some circumstances due to them being much heavier.
The Cost Factor of Little Pools

The Cost Factor

Last but not least – the price. Although the price points for our pools and some precast concrete alternatives might seem quite similar, there can be a big difference when it comes to putting the pool into your backyard. Because Little Pools are much lighter, you can save thousands on craning the pool into the position. Another big advantage of Little Pools is that if you are planning to put a deck around your Little Pool, your tradesmen can attach the deck construction directly to the pool, leading to a better result and lower cost.

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