Little Pools Selecting a small swimming pool in Auckland

How to Select the Best Small Swimming Pool in Auckland

investing in a small swimming pool still entails a significant investment (though not as big as when you’re getting a bigger pool). To get you started here’s all you need to know about pools in Auckland that work best in small spaces. Moreover, we’ll present information that’s focused on small pools so that in the end, you can confidently begin your small pool project.

Solar pool heating

All You Need to Know About Solar Pool Heaters

Swimming is certainly one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises, according to doctors and physical therapists. It is low-impact yet increases stamina, strengthens muscles, and builds cardiovascular fitness. It is also a fantastic form of exercise for everyone – young and old, and in-between. The best way to take advantage of these health benefits is…

Little Pools Popularity of plunge pools

The Benefits of Plunge Pools

Recently, plunge pools have become an increasingly popular pool option for New Zealand families. As space in most New Zealand backyards is somewhat limited, many New Zealand families are turning to smaller pools like plunge pools for a solution. If you’re wondering whether a plunge pool might be the best choice for your family, this…